The Wisdoms Project


for my Canadian family and friends,

I love to laugh, but even more, I love making others laugh….and I don’t mind getting corny or silly to do it.  (There’s enough in our individual and collective lives to be serious about.)  I figure even if I strike out, that my attempt is worthwhile if I can get someone to grin….even moaningly!

    Anne and I spent fifty years so far eating and schmoozing in restaurants with a fun ambiance.  One of our favorite (favourite, eh?) places during the 1960’s was Earl Abel’s in San Antonio. We spent many delightful hours at this late-night eatery on Broadway at Hildebrand Avenue.  I usually had a chicken salad sandwich and a Pepsi.  Anne liked the Earl’s salad and iced tea.  The coconut cream pie was terrific, too.  In fact, as our wedding reception was coming to an end on June 20, 1963, one of our friends expressed humorous surprise that we hadn’t held our party at Earl Abel’s (where our friends knew they could usually find us).

     I thought it was a great idea….and made a quick phone call.  Then 20-30 of us (plus the dance band) left our downtown hotel ballroom and headed up Broadway.  When we arrived at Earl Abel’s fifteen minutes later (at about 11:00 pm), Helen, our favorite hostess, had opened up a side room, put tables in a T-formation and presented us with a quickly-personalized cake.  The party played on.

     Starting in 1990, we’ve had a lot of food, folks and fun at Tommy’s Joynt in San Francisco on Van Ness at Geary.  I go for their turkey with stuffing and lots of gravy.  Anne enjoys the pastrami plate….and like most of our meals, we share.  Amazingly, both places (Abel’s and Tommy’s Joynt)….a half a continent and a half a lifetime from each other….have the same silly sign (below) on their walls. Go on, have some fun with it. Say it slowly….then a little faster….then faster:

Seville dair dago tousin bussis inuro.
Nojo demstrux sumit cousin sumit duxx.

See, Willie. There they go. Thousand buses in a row.
No, Joe. Them's trucks. Some with cows in, some with ducks.

A little smile adds a lot to your face value.

Cheerfulness is the atmosphere under which all things thrive.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.
Victor Borge


Travel Agency:
    French specialist….April Lynn Parris
    British specialist….Isaiah Olchap
    Australian specialist….Joaquin Matilda
    Russian specialist….Warren Peace
    Nightclub tour guide….Kerry Oki
    Broadway tour guide….Jaswanta Singh
Party and Event Planners:
    Dance instructor….Tristan Schaut
    Jazz deejay….Bertha DeBlues
    Catering director….Russell Upsumgrub
    Cook….Al Dente
    Wardrobe consultant….Natalie Attired
    Weather consultant….Luke Audavindo

Medical Group:
    Cardiologist….Angie O’Plasty
    Speech pathologist....Pete Aftermey
    Geneticist….Jean Poole
    Diagnostic director….Gus O’Genn
    Dermatologist….Ivan Offalitch
    Nutritionist….Eaton Wright

Legal Group:
    Tax attorney….Lou Pole
    Arbitration specialist….Viola Fuss
    Appeals attorney….Bud Uronner
    Criminal defense attorney….Lauren Order
    Divorce attorney….Carmine Nottyors
    Libel attorney….Sosumi Areti

Auto Repair Shop:
    Used parts buyer….Rex Galore
    Auto recycler….Ricardo Dismantleban
    Ignition specialist….Martina Neverturnover
    Tire specialist….Yassir Itsaflat
    Smog tester….Maury Missions
    Cooling system tech….Rad Overhito

Psychology Office:
    Child psychologist….Dewey Hafta
    Rehab director….Cody Pendant
    Animal research intern….Isabelle Ringing
    Assertiveness trainer….Lois Steem
    Self-esteem coach….Hugo Gurll
    Therapist….Les Moody

A laugh is like music; it lingers in the heart.

Laughter is an instant vacation.
Milton Berle

The best way to cheer yourself up, is to try to cheer someone else up.
    Mark Twain

Those who laugh first, laugh last.

Laughter is inner jogging.
Norman Cousins

    Heaven is.…an American house with French art, Chinese food, a German car and British police.

            Hell is.…a Japanese house with German art, British food, a French car and Chinese police.

Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog.
Few people want to do it and the frog usually dies of it.
    E. B. White

Pain plus time equals humor.
                                                         Lenny Bruce


Wit is the salt of conversation ….not the food.
William Hazlitt

Humor is an affirmation of dignity
                        ….a declaration of one's superiority to all that befalls you.
    Romain Gary

The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed.
Nicholas Chamfort