The Wisdoms Project

Here are over 1500 interesting thoughts (provocative, humorous and diverse) on 58 topics from people eminent and ordinary, wise thinkers all, who offer us serious and witty ideas for our use and enjoyment  when life is great and not so great.   These quotes have been diligently collected over 50 years and happily shared with you now by E.D. Isaacs

Created 2010

Latest Additions on September 22, 2014

E.D. Isaacs passed away on September 23, 2014

  He was born in Toronto on March 11, 1943 and lived in Toronto, San Antonio & for the past 25 years, in Santa Rosa, California.  He had a successful career in radio, private label brand marketing & advertising, eventually retiring in 1990.  E.D. is survived by his loving wife of 51 years, Anne, and his two children, Lisa & Marc.
E.D. was most proud of his collection of “Wisdoms” which he diligently collected over his lifetime and was dedicated to sharing with the world.

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